Cologne Secrets

Two secrets about cologne

Here are two secrets many people don’t know: 1. Women are a more attracted to smell than most men realize. 2. A person’s sense of smell is one of the longest lasting memories we have. You may forget a face or a name, but you’ll remember a smell for much, much longer. So finding a good Cologne is very important, especially if you are guy in the “dating scene.”

How cologne is made

Cologne developers create their signature brands from nine scents, which are called “notes.” Every cologne is made up of some combination of the following (which are listed from the lightest scents to the heaviest scents):

Citrus – very bright and light
Leather – very heavy and thick.


Polo Sport, for example, is primarily a dominant floral note while English Leather is a dominant leather note. Your father’s Brut is a musk/powder combination.

How to buy cologne that is right for you

All too often, cologne is selected based on price, the shape of the bottle, and how it smells. But when you’re shopping for cologne, you need to remember that your sense of smell can only detect three distinct smells before it gets overwhelmed and starts to report inaccurately to your brain.

Instead, you can shop for cologne much more easily: by pictures. Check out the advertising and see what kind of niche the cologne is marketing to: is it the rugged outdoorsman as advertised in an outdoor lifestyle magazine? Is it the active sports-lover in a magazine about basketball? Is it the suave urbane male in a men’s fashion magazine? Cologne companies will market their brands to the type of person it is designed for. So if you are “going for a certain look,” the marketing department of the cologne companies can help you select the right scent for you.

Just remember, it is not you that is going to be reacting to its smell. It’s that beautiful woman who you want to enjoy it and with smell closely linked to memory, you want her to remember you for a long, long time!

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Wearing Cologne

Walk into any nightclub, and you’re bound to catch a drift of some guy’s cologne. Men today use cologne just as women use makeup or perfume-to enhance their attraction. But did you know that in the early days people used cologne instead of bathing?

Cologne was invented in the 1700s, primarily to be used in bath water. Strangely, it was also used as mouthwash and sometimes even as an enema! People believed cologne could cure just about any ailment. Cologne manufacturers even marketed it this way. Fortunately, we know more about science and medicine than our forefathers, and most of us will probably never take a sip of our favorite cologne.

Back in the18th century, people didn’t bathe nearly as often as they do today. Perfume and cologne were necessities to cover up body odor. Cologne was also used to spruce up the odor of different rooms in a house. (Remember, this was before the days of plug-in scents and fragrant candles.)

What a different status these fragrances hold in today’s society! Peruse any popular magazine, and you will see photos of glamorous men and women in advertisements for perfume or cologne. The fragrances are equated with sex appeal. Perhaps that is why so many men wear cologne when they go out to bars, parties, and clubs-ads lead them to believe the way they smell will determine the quality of the women they date. Dab a little cologne on the neck before heading out, and lean in close while dancing…. It’s kind of like a pick-up assistant in a bottle!

Do women really like men’s cologne, though? That depends. There was a time when it was considered okay to wear perfume or cologne to the office. Nowadays, though, it seems that many people are allergic to the fragrances, and some companies have banned cologne in the workplace as part of the dress code. Still, research studies continue to show that cologne can indeed trigger human pheromones, which can chemically increase sexual attraction. So maybe those ads aren’t completely farcical? Looks like there is more to cologne than meets the nose after all.

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Design Your Personal Perfume Yourself

You can design almost anything using a computer these days and one of the more unusual things that computer can do is to design perfumes and fragrances. Such a service has been available for some years on the Internet offered by companies in the US and UK. Although the US Company, no longer trades, the UK company fragrance for you ltd. is still very much in the fragrance business.

fragrance for you claim that designing your own fragrance is easy and fun to do. Visitors to the company website are invited to prove the point by entering their personality and life style details into a form and the answers entered are used as the data to drive the computer program and so derive a fragrance. When the questionnaire form is complete, it takes only two or three minutes, a description of the fragrance that has just been designed is displayed on the screen. The process is seen by the visitor as simple and as the company claims, fun to do. Answers to the questions on the website form are translated into odour compounds there are 103 odour codes or compounds in total and the computer blends those compounds in such a way as to avoid clashes of scents which do not provide a pleasing combination. The fragrance when finished comprises the usual three notes comprising the “fragrance Pyramid” the top note or head, the middle or heart and the lower note or base. This basic form invented in 1889 has changed not at all over the years and continues to be the basis of perfume architecture today. The top note contains the most volatile of the perfumes ingredients and this lasts no more than a few minutes before evaporating. The heart or middle note rapidly overcomes the quickly evaporating top note and comes to the forefront revealing the principle fragrance, the heart, which is supported by the base notes and which contains the longest lasting, that is the slowest evaporating oils and binds all the fragrances in combination together. The base notes may well last a day or even more while the heart note lasts perhaps three or four hours. The task then is to find a suitable description to convey in words the nature of the fragrance created. Typically this might be “ffy reference number 40597. A light fresh modern fragrance with a bergamot, cardamom, fresh pineapple and papaya top note and a white jasmin heart backed up by a musky amber accord”

Finally computer allocates the questionnaire answers into the traditional families or fragrance groups of citrus, floral, fougére, chypre, woody, amber and leather and these group words are found in the fragrance descriptions that are presented to the customer. Product quality is ensured by purchasing the fragrance oils and compounds supplied by one of the world’s leading perfume houses CPL Aromas plc based in the UK who supply many of the fine fragrances found in department stores and perfume halls across the world.

The fragrance computer program is a complex piece of software capable of defining many millions of combinations of compounds. The program is now highly developed and is copyrighted to fragrance for you. The advantage of using the computer program is that it has brought the possibility of having your own fragrance design delivered in a classic style bottle named with the wearer’s name and even a photograph to everyone. No longer the province of the rich and famous the computer designs are there for everyone to use and enjoy.

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Fred Parker is CEO of fragrance for you Limited, a company based in Kettering UK which offers personalized fragrances for Individuals, Internet entrepreneurs, Corporations and as Wedding Favors worldwide.

Fragrance for you was set up in 2000 and the personalized scents and fragrances are derived using a computer program which take the personality and life style details of the individual to define a fragrance matching those characteristics. Perfumes are delivered to the customer labelled with the wearer’s name and photograph. Fred Parker has a background in Electronic Engineering applied in air traffic control radio systems. He is a pilot of experience and has pilot’s licences in many countries in addition to the UK and USA. He has been retired three times but has not been happy in that! Making a personal perfume is simple and fun. To learn how to design your own fragrance, visit the fragrance for you web site.

Perfume – The Six Common Fragrance Groups

For men, as well as some women, finding the perfect perfume can be a stressful, time-consuming experience. . If you familiarize yourself with the six basic fragrance groups, you will not only save time, but also make your shopping experience more enjoyable. The following paragraphs will discuss the six common fragrance groups when it comes to perfume in order to assist you in finding the right perfume with more ease.

The floral category is the largest and most popular scent for perfumes. These scents are made mainly from different varieties of flowers. These varieties include roses, orange blossoms, vanilla and jasmine. Other flowers are also used, including different varieties of lilies and orchids.

The oriental category of perfume scents represents a relatively large group of scents, as well. These scents include heavy mixtures of spices, balsams, resins, and amber helping to suggest a warm, exotic sensation. This category is very popular during wintertime, and colder months of the year because of its heavy, musky traits.

The citrus category of perfume scents are derived from different fruits. These fruits can include lime, lemon tangerine and mandarin

This often creates a tangy aroma women find refreshing, as well as uplifting. This category of perfume scent is most popular during warm months.

This category of perfume scents was given its name by the French. It tends to create a strong feeling and are made from many different wood-moss mixes. These are often earthly aromas, such as oak moss, bergamot and other types of wood and wood moss

Perfumes falling in the Chypre category of sent are most generally strong, earthly scents.

Although it can be hard to describe the scent of a color, this is a real category of perfume scents. Perfumes falling into this category of scents tend to be sharp, outdoor scents. This includes the scents of pine, juniper, leaves and herbs

Lavender and cocoa are also examples of green scents.

The Fougere category of perfume scents is most common among men. These aromas are usually created from herbs and mossy ferns. Perfumes that fall into this category normally come together in a very sophisticated style. While men typically where scents that fall into this category, there are popular perfumes for women that fall into this category as well.

Most every fragrance retailer will make you think their perfume is a totally new scent, all scents are likely to fall into one of these six categories.

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Tips For Wearing Perfume

Perfumes can be fun to wear. Here are some tips on buying and using perfumes.

When buying perfume always try a sample. Wear it for about 10 minutes before deciding if you like it. This allows the alcohol to evaporate and the oils in perfumes to interact with the oil on the skin and will be a little different for everyone.

Try samples in the late afternoon. The power of smell is stronger during that time of day.

When starting a new perfume always use it on only one small area of skin. If there is an allergy to any of the ingredients it’s the safest way to discover it. After an hour, if there is no reaction, the perfume is safe to wear.

When wearing perfume put it on the pulse points. The inner wrists, behind the knee, and below the jawline near the ears. The pulse sends out the scent.

Perfume will keep fresher longer if you store it in a cool, dark place since sunlight and heat interact with the oils in the perfume.

When testing or wearing perfume don’t rub the wrists together. It lessens the effect of the perfume.

Don’t apply perfume to clothing or jewelry. It can cause stains and even damage jewelry.

Don’t wear one perfume all year all. Temperatures affect the scent. Cold temperatures reduce the intensity of the perfume so wear stronger scents in the winter.

In the summer wear lighter scents. But be warned, bees can be lured to the perfume mistaking it for flowers.

Once you open a bottle of perfume wear it! It will keep indefinitely when not opened but……… once the air has gained entrance to the perfume, it must be used within a year or two at the maxium.

For unusual perfumes including one called Tomato Perfume visit:

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Aromatherapy Bathing. What Essential Oils Can Be Used.

Long before the term alternative medicine was being used, aromatherapy was being practiced by the Egyptians for over 5,000 years. When being used by the Egyptians oil was being extracted from the many aromatic plants around them through infusion and then used for their not only cosmetic and medicinal purposes but also for embalming as well. They then passed the knowledge they had gained on to the Greeks and it served as the beginning of their research into how to use the oils and fragrance of some flowers for their relaxing and stimulating effects. In fact when looking back further in history we find that ancient man depended very much on his environment for their basic needs and to survive which led them to discover the more natural ways of preserving food and how certain conditions could be treated using herbs and aromatics.

First of all we will look at Eastern Roots. The use of aromatics are shown in a Chinese Herbal Book by Shen Nung dated 2,700 BC and which provides specific details on over 300 plants and how they can be used. Also the ancient Chinese would burn incense and wood as part of their religious beliefs and practices and even in today’s modern society many Chinese still observe these practices today. You will also discover that the Chinese used aromatics in relation to the acupressure, massage and other therapies that they used.

Whilst now in modern society many people place a very high premium on their health and well being but due to the high cost of traditional and conventional medicines available (surgery and Medicare) more and more people are turning to aromatherapy and essential oil therapy as well as other forms of alternative medicine.

The basics of using essential oils in an aromatherapy bath are as follows:

1. It facilitates equilibrium of both the physical, mental and spiritual health of a person through natural means.

2. In some cases it has been found that alternative treatments are considered as strong and effective as complementary treatments to regular medical practices.

3. The main component of aromatherapy is the essential oils and are highly concentrated essences which are known for their healing effects.

Essentials oils are aroma producing oils which come from flowers such as the rose, from leaves such as basil, twig, bark, fruit rind and many other parts of plants. Although experts say that extracting the oils can be quite time consuming and complex and requires a large amount of patience on behalf of the person carrying out the work the benefits at the end are great. Certainly you need to recognize and accept that if you want to get about 5 tsp of oil from rose petals it will take about 220lbs of petals to do it and this is why pure essential oils are so expensive. Although the effectiveness of the oils is not comprised as it only takes a few drops to generate the effect required. However there is a cheaper alternative namely synthetic oil, however they do not offer the person the same healing properties as their natural counterparts.

Essential oils work by stimulating a person’s olfactory system and later on the brain or limbic system. The fragrance along with other properties and effects relating to the oils will determine how a person’s body system and its parts are stimulated. Whilst having a massage using these oils they are not only absorbed by the body but are inhaled at the same time and eventually when being absorbed through the skin they will reach the organs and body system of the person being treated. The time it takes for the oils to absorb through the skin can be from as little as 20 minutes and take as long as 2 hours or more and there it is wise to avoid taking a shower or bath straight after any massage so that the maximum effect is received from the massage therapy.

The time that the effect lasts on a person can vary from 3-24 hours to 2-3 days or even as long as week. Oils that have a short live time span in regard to their scent are Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Thyme and Bergamot whilst Hyssop, Lavender, Balm and various other oils can last between 2 to 3 days. The oils that take as long as a week to completely evaporate are Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ginger and Cedar Wood.

Many people when using aromatherapy are looking to achieve a sense of calm in their lives and these people will look to using a combination of three types of oils to help with this and they will base them on how long they last. They can be used by mixing them into a warm bath and will help the person to become relaxed and calm, they will help to eliminate the stress and depression that they are feeling as well as both energizing and soothing the body of any aches that they are feeling. Certainly by using essential oils during a massage will help increase the healing and calming effect that the person is feeling. However any massage carried out using essential oils must also include a carrier oil to help prevent irritation and skin reactions on the person being treated. Such carrier oils that are used to help dilute the essential oils are avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, soya oil and hazelnut oil.

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